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Cross-Border Road Trips Planner & Display Banner w/ Campervan Enamel Pins Collection

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  • Attach the Campervan Enamel Pins at the locations where you wish to go on the banner, and draw your desired routes on the U.S. and Canada map. Use eraser to clean if necessary.
  • Attach your badges, patches and pins from your trips or adventures on the banner.
  • Attach your hiking medallions and the Campervan Pins to decorate and show off your achievements.
  • Attach your Campervan Enamel Pins on your uniform or wear them if you are a Classic & Vintage Campervan lover.
  • Safekeep your certificates of achievement and travel information inside the Tube case
  • Designed by Dream America USA in California.

The Cross-Border Road Trips Planner help you to plan the future trips and keep the trips you have done in memory.

What is included in the Premium package?

  • Cross-Border Road Trips Display Banner (23.5inches x31.5inches, 1 unit)
  • Campervan Enamel Pins 1 inch x 0.5 inch (6 units)
  • Planning Pencil (1 unit)

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