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WWII Indiana Jones Style Mountain Rucksack Display Banner

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This backpack display banner is helping us to bring our outdoor experience and memory to indoor.  The design inspiration is from WWII German Army Mountain Rucksack in the famous Disney adventure movie Indiana Jones. 

The backpack banner allows you to show off your adventure / military pins, badges, patches collections on walls. You can also use the banner and storage tube case to store your favorite camping blanket, hiking poles and your road trip idea notes and collections.    

Remember your adventures and keep explore the next! 

  • Bring your outdoor experience and memory to indoor with this WWII German Army Mountain Rucksack display banner.
  • Attach the iron-on patch on your favorite jacket, backpack or your display banner to fulfill your adventure collection.
  • Designed by Dream America USA in California.

What is included in the Premium package?

  • Iron-on Dream Adventure Patch (3inch/8cm)
  • Mountain Rucksack Display Banner (13inch x 25inch x 2inch/33cm x 64cm x 5cm)
  • Retail/Storage Tube Case

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